Protect friends, family and staff members by shielding them with asbestos encapsulation, and have long-term security in your building.

The solution to an asbestos roof is easier than you think. Protecting your family and employees via asbestos encapsulation is an effective way of dealing with an asbestos roof.

There is NO disruption to your business. As we don’t remove the asbestos roof, you can continue working. Our specialist asbestos roof coating structurally improves the whole roof. It is also much cheaper than removing the asbestos and having a new roof.

Did you know the following is required to be in place as per the asbestos abatement regulations 2020:

All premises containing asbestos require the following:

  • Asbestos Inventory (Registers)
  • Risk assessment
  • Management plan
  • Labelling and signage of asbestos to be identified.


    While most people think removing the material is the most obvious way to deal with the problem, asbestos encapsulation is a safe alternative:

    • Easier
    • Safer
    • Cost-Effective

    What is the NEXT Steps?:

    We can assess and issue reports consist of the identification of asbestos, the inventory of the asbestos, a risk assessment and the report with an asbestos management plan.

    The asbestos management plan will be based on the risk assessment and prioritise what needs to be done, for example, if the asbestos is not in good condition, broken, not sealed or in poor condition, the Asbestos Management plan will state the asbestos requires removal.

    Treatment of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) with a sealant material that surrounds or embeds asbestos fibers in an adhesive matrix to prevent the release of fibers. A bridging encapsulant creates a membrane over the surface. A penetrating encapsulant penetrates the material and binds its components together.

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